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Tips For Cheaper Residential Dumpster Rentals

Even though the cost of renting a dumpster might seem expensive, we provide convenient options to meet to your budget and schedule.

Listed below are a few tips to help you save money while renting a dumpster:

Choosing the appropriate dumpster size can help in reducing rental expenses. If you’re uncertain about the ideal size for your needs, we’re ready to help you. Just give us a call, and we will guide you through your options.

Ask about discounts if you need the dumpster for a brief time period. Also, if you’re discarding heavy materials such as construction debris or yard waste, choosing a larger dumpster with a higher weight limit might be more cost-efficient.
Feel free to consult our customer service representative regarding the regulations and prohibited items at the local landfill. Disposing of prohibited items may result in additional disposal fees, so it’s recommended that you verify what is allowed and what is not.
To guarantee a smooth delivery, make sure that your property has enough space for both the dumpster and the truck. Generally, about 40 feet of space is needed for the delivery. While most dumpsters fit in a standard driveway, if your driveway is made of pavers or concrete, it’s necessary to lay plywood down to prevent potential scratches.
During the pickup, make sure that the dumpster is easily accessible, and there is no waste sticking out over the top rim. A trip fee may be charged if the container isn’t prepared when the truck arrives. If you have any questions or need an assistance in reducing your residential dumpster rental expenses, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

Residential Dumpster Rental in Arlington, TX

Garage Clean Out

Choosing a 10-yard dumpster is an excellent option for DIY projects or garage cleanouts, but this may vary based on the quantity of clutter present in your garage. In cases where there is a substantial amount of clutter, choosing a 20-yard dumpster may be necessary.

Whole House Clean Out

Normally, a household clean out project involves the disposal of junk items of various sizes and requires a trash container of at least 20 yards. Nevertheless, larger homes might need up to 30 yards, depending on the size of the junk items being discarded.

Major Home Renovation

Due to the scope of a home demolition project, it’s generally recommended to rent the largest dumpster size available, typically the 40-yard dumpster, for a thorough clean-up.

Construction Projects

Wood, roofing materials, and debris generated from construction sites can be quite heavy, and therefore, it’s crucial to pick a dumpster rental with a weight limit that can accommodate them, like a 30-yard or 40-yard container. Lowboy dumpsters, on the other hand, will be needed for debris that is particularly heavy, such as concrete or dirt.


Renting a residential dumpster before you move can be an excellent choice since it not only minimizes clutter but also simplifies the moving process. Usually, customers who are moving choose a smaller dumpster, like a 10-yard or 15-yard container and take advantage of our extended rental period to gradually fill it up.

Disaster or Storm Cleanup

Neighborhood Dumpster Rental Arlington is committed to providing outstanding service to individuals experiencing difficult times. If you need to clear debris and waste in your yard following a storm, we typically advise you to rent a 20 or 30-yard dumpster. We realize the significance of minimizing your expenses during this period, and thus, we are committed to helping you in finding the most reasonably priced dumpster rental option, allowing you to concentrate on rebuilding.